SWEETS hotel remains open for self-supporting stays in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, MARCH 2020 | With 21 stand-alone bridge houses located all across Amsterdam, SWEETS hotel is a suitable option in the current situation – for those who need to stay in Amsterdam.

Independent check-in
SWEETS hotel operates on a self-service system that requires no physical contact. Guests check in online and open the door of their bridge house with a digital key that is sent to their smartphone. In consultation with the guests, we set the most convenient moment to bring fresh towels and linen to the bridge house as often as desired. Due to this way of operating, guests and staff can continue to comply with governmental regulations regarding COVID-19.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner
In addition to standard service, SWEETS hotel continues to deliver freshly baked breakfast sets to the hotel suites every morning. For lunch and dinner, an incredible number of our favourite restaurants in Amsterdam have set up delivery and takeaway services. This enables guests to enjoy high-quality meals in their bridge house and at the same time support our local restaurants who are obviously hit hard too by the indefinite closure due to corona.

About SWEETS hotel
SWEETS hotel is dotted across Amsterdam in 28 different bridge houses, along and on Amsterdam’s canals. These tiny houses were built between 1673 and 2009, each one designed in the architectural style of its building period. Due to centralization of bridge control, the bridge houses lost their original purpose. SWEETS hotel reuses this industrial heritage by transforming the bridge houses into stand-alone hotel suites, designed with the architectural history in mind.

SWEETS hotel won prestigious awards from Dezeen and Frame Magazine for its unique interior designs, since the first 11 bridge houses were officially opened on March 15th, 2018. 10 bridge houses have been added since then and the remaining 7 will be completed before the end of 2021. SWEETS hotel is an initiative and co-creation of Space&Matter architects (a.o. De Ceuvel and Schoonschip), project development partner Grayfield and Seven New Things, founders of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy (Amsterdam; 2004 – sold in 2018), Llove Hotel (pop-up hotel in Tokyo; 2010) and Hotel The Exchange (Amsterdam; 2011, indefinitely closed).

With the hospitality industry suffering, we strive to survive and offer a suitable stay for those who need to be in Amsterdam. These are difficult times. Please spread the word, and do not hesitate to contact SWEETS hotel via post@sweetshotel.amsterdam or +3120 740 10 10.




Romantic private island in the heart of Amsterdam – a once in a lifetime experience! Stare across the Amstel River from your bed and enjoy an enchanting view of the Skinny Bridge.

Photo of SWEETS hotel Amsterdam Amstelschutsluis terrace

Stay from €900



Eye-catching bridge tower with a mind-blowing 360-degree view of Amsterdam’s city center and waterways. Just like the outside of the tower, the interior is round – even the bed!


Stay from €210



Charming little ‘Amsterdam School’ bridge house with a unique curtain design by Studio Onder De Linde, located in between the city centre, the Jordaan area and the culture-friendly Westerpark.

303. Willemsbrug

Stay from €165

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We’d like to ensure your stay in Amsterdam has no unexpected surprises. Please review and accept our SWEETS hotel house rules below.


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