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SWEETS hotel review / 5 September 2018


“Eenmaal aangekomen is één ding zeker; hier wil je nooit meer weg.” — ELLE Decoration

Slapen op het water in hartje Amsterdam? Binnenkort kan dit gewoon. En nee, niet dobberend op een luchtbed. Nee, in een idyllisch brugwachtershuisje uit 1673, mét uitzicht over de Magere Brug. Het avontuur begint al met de reis ernaartoe, want dat kan alleen per boot. Romantisch toch? En eenmaal aangekomen is één ding zeker; hier wil je nooit meer weg.

We hebben het over een charmant brugwachtershuisje, met de naam Amstelschutsluis, het middelste sluiseiland van de Amstelsluizen. Mét uitzicht op de Magere Brug en Theater Carré. Het SWEETS Hotel heeft samen met architectenbureau Space & Matter het rijksmonument gerenoveerd tot de onwijs romantische hotelkamer; Amstelschutsluis. Ze hebben de karakteristieke elementen van het pand gelukkig behouden, kijk maar naar de luiken, de met linnen beklede wanden en de houten balken.

De inrichting van dit drijvende paradijs is vooral gericht op comfort en gemak. Onder de typisch Hollandse vloertegels ligt vloerverwarming, er is een compleet ingerichte keuken voor ontbijt en diner, waar zelfs een chef voor geregeld kan worden. En dan hebben we het nog niet eens gehad over de enorme regendouche in de badkamer. Toch nog even Amsterdam in? Dan staat er 24/7 een schipper klaar om je heen en weer te varen, luxer kan bijna niet toch?

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What a great experience to have our own private island in the midst of the Amstel river! I would highly recommend this hotel room. It is probably the sweetest spot in Amsterdam to spend a night!

— Tjeerd Haccou, Amsterdam. Stayed in Amstelschutsluis, 8 August 2018.
SWEETS hotel review / 8 November 2017


“From my warm bed in the Beltbrug house I had a fantastic view over the windmill. Delicious coffee and a great shower. In short, a true experience.”

— Annie Kuiper, Hoogland

SWEETS hotel Beltbrug
SWEETS hotel review / 30 October 2017


“SWEETS hotel is a whole new experience for a night away. I stayed in one of the beautiful bridge houses in the middle of Amsterdam. Hearing ambient sounds and seeing swans from my window gave me the feeling of my own secret place in the city. Truly unique!”

— Jill Oostveen, Amersfoort

nieuwe amstel (9)
SWEETS hotel review / 17 November 2017

SWEETS hotel in The New York Times T magazine

“You don’t need a lobby… The city itself becomes the hotel.”

We know what a hotel looks like: a single building housing a variety of rooms. But what does it look like when these spaces are spread all across town? Something like Amsterdam’s Sweets, which is converting 28 of the city’s canal-side bridge-controller houses into individual hotel rooms. For decades, the elevated one-room structures (all, of course, with ideal views of the canals) sheltered workers who would raise and lower the bridges with the push of a button; however, they became obsolete when the system went digital last year. “They’re little architectural eye candies,” Sweets co-founder Suzanne Oxenaar says of the houses, which include contemporary iterations like one with a facade of glass and mint-green cement and a sturdy red-brick octagon designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage, the father of modern Dutch architecture. “I think most [Dutch people] have wondered what it would be like to live in one of them.”

The challenge, says another of the hotel’s co-founders, the architect Marthijn Pool, “was to turn these extroverted objects into intimate spaces.” Inside, guests will find simple studios appointed with custom furniture — the Kinkerbrug building, for example, which sits above the Kostverlorenvaart in Amsterdam-West, has an all-in-one wooden bed, table and bench that echoes the 1920s-era Amsterdam School style. For Westerdoksbrug, a periscope-like structure near Central Station, the designers made a bed that, when enclosed with a bright pink curtain, becomes a room within a room. Six of the suites open this month, and another eight will be completed by spring, giving visitors the opportunity to wake up in a new neighborhood every morning. “You don’t need a lobby,” Pool says. “The city itself becomes the hotel.”

— Gisela Williams. Illustrations by Konstantin Kakanias

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SWEETS hotel review / 24 October 2017


“This is the sweetest hotel we’ve ever stayed in! It was a super romantic experience because you have your own little gem along the canal with great views over the bridge and the Scheepvaartmuseum. Although it’s located in the city centre with lots of cool spots all around it feels like a quiet place in town because of the privacy you have. Bridge house Scharrebiersluis is nicely decorated with small details referring to its history. The bathroom is small but pretty with a great shower. I am definitely triggered to stay in more SWEETS bridge houses, I think there is no better way to explore Amsterdam!”

— Suki Verwiel, Cape Town

SWEETS hotel review / 20 October 2017


A unique, small, character house in the centre of Amsterdam. A peaceful location from which you can access the busy city centre. No hotel lobby, no night porter, no lift, and no long hotel corridors, just your very own front door and some wonderful solitude. You are not a visitor, you’re a part of the city. Thank you for this unique experience.”

— Kiki & Jogchem Bagijn, Amsterdam

What a sweet little house in a fantastic spot in Amsterdam. Loved the small details inside and out. Highly recommended!

— Meike Hottinga-Leijten, Valkenburg. Stayed in Scharrebiersluis, 16 October 2017.
SWEETS hotel review / 15 October 2017


Cute house, great spot, heavenly bed. This is a very special hotel. You have to experience it firsthand to know just how special it really is.”

— Igor Sancisi, Amsterdam

SWEETS hotel Scharrebiersluis
SWEETS hotel review / September 2020

Theophile de Bockbrug

“It is an absolutely marvelous find to walk into a bridge house and get the door unlocked with a phone code. The tiny house is located just next to the Vondelpark with only cyclists passing the bridge. There are nice cafés in the neighborhood which is primarily residential. So only locals in a great spot in Amsterdam. A little jewel. Amenities are good, room is spotless.”

— Petr Symersky

SWEETS hotel Theophile de Bock bridge house on Amsterdam canals - cosy tiny house close to Vondelpark design interior


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